established circa 2018

The Office Doc has been transformed from, what used to be, an old doctor’s office during the mid-twentieth century. The inspiration for the change came from the growing demand for an accessible and versatile workspace in the Mountains, and when the space became available it seemed to be the ideal cure!

The space has been renovated to compliment the retro features of the building, while introducing the contemporary amenities and luxe furnishings you would want from a modern office. In keeping with its previous occupation, each desk is named after the original signage that used to be displayed when the building was a doctor’s office: Minor Operations, Consulting Room, Pathology, and Treatment.

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The Office Doc 


How do you find us?

Situated along the Great Western Highway, next to Blackheath Fish & Chips, The Office Doc is just moments away from the post office, Blackheath train station, and numerous cafes and eateries. To find us, look for the old doctor’s office with vines climbing the Highway-side of the building, framing the old red doctor’s light.

Offering the privacy and quiet of a standalone building, plenty of parking at the rear of the building (accessed via Sutton Lane), and the convenience of its central location, The Office Doc is your perfect productive retreat!